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"Interpreters and Translators Among Most In-Demand & High-Paying Jobs of 2014"

        Latin Post - January 10, 2014 


The demand for skilled interpreters has never been greater than it is right now!



That means there will never be a better time to turn your language skills into an exciting and rewarding career!



Opportunity for trained interpreters is growing as people realize that there is more to being an interpreter than simply being bilingual - much more!

The realization began in the court system and is now spreading quickly through our schools and our health and human services communities. That means trained interpreters have a big advantage in the workplace over untrained bilingual people.

The problem is that it's hard to find high quality training that doesn't require long hours in a classroom and a big investment of time and money.

That is, until now!

With the introduction of virtual classroom technology you can now take the same high quality interpreter training that used to be available only in a few selected locations around the country, but with several important differences:

  • It's internet based, so you take live classes right from your home or office,

  • It's available at various times so you can take it when it's convenient for you,

  • Class sizes are much smaller so it takes less of your time to complete the training,

  • It's much less expensive than traditional training.

Now, all you need to become a skilled, trained interpreter is a computer with internet access and the desire to make a better life for yourself.


Use the navigation panel on the left side of the page to explore the site. And take your time, we have a lot to offer!


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